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Coral Reef Island

25 years of experience teaching people a fun and safe way to learn scuba diving.

We are professional PADI scuba instructors - that is the biggest dive association in the world. Our goal is to provide the tools to make your learning process exciting, fun and easy. We love to focus on you and that is why we just do small group classes. When you finish this program, we also organize scuba trips to popular destinations in the Caribbean and around the world; where scuba students can take their open water checkout dives and receive certification, along with other advanced scuba courses.

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Before booking, please read our Student Learning Agreement > view here.

Before taking the in-person classes (except Tune-up, Discovery Scuba, and Bubblemaker) the student must have completed the corresponding eLearning class. The cost for the in-person class includes instruction and the scuba equipment.


It does not include personal equipment which must be purchased after the first class. The personal equipment is the mask, fins, and snorkle. The student will be able to test this equipment out and be fitted by our professionals during the first class. 



complete eLearning


in-person class


complete dive



Scuba Equipment



"Sergio Avila is so patient with all the students. I'm almost 80 years old, I was having trouble to control my buoyance. He make it so simple and fun. Every year I take a scuba tune up with him and refer all my friends to him - the best  scuba  instructor !!"

 Randy West

"Sergio took alot of time on my private class

and made it so simple and fun !"

Ian S. 

"It is so simple, you study at home , complete the videos and quizzes then jump to the pool learn the skills and you are ready for your trip !!"

Charly Franco

"Cozumel is paradise !! My wife and I take the Scuba Diver class and booked the trip to Cozumel.  It was amazing !!"

Paul Sosa

"Do not buy any scuba equipment before the class. Escapedive helps you pick the right equipment and also you can try it in the pool to make sure it works for you. I loved the class  and I needed more to find my balance. They took the time to help me. My son learned like a sponge.

Thanks Sergio !"

Joana Bertillini

"We tried another dive shop and never completed the certification then we met Sergio. It was super fun and easy. Now we only travel to destinations where we can do scuba dive !"

Cupulo M.

"To be honest I was afraid to even try scuba diving. My boss organized a team building class, where we had to take this scuba demo to bond in a different environment. After that we all signed up for the certification class, travel together and now we are better sales team."

Beluar J.

"Wow, wow, wow!!! The Advanced class is the best. Night dive is incredible !! We completed the Scuba Diver certification then the Open Water certification. All classes were fun but Advanced Certification

is other level !!

Riddle E

"We took the class in Manhathan with Sergio. All the classes are amazing but if you really want to be a great diver you should take the Rescue Diver Class. When you think you know all, this course puts you in different scenarios.  I don’t want to spoil your experience but it is challenging and great at the same time !"

Shaw R.

 "Book for the private experience ! We met with Sergio in Cancun after the class in Orange County. He rented a private boat just for us, super personal. We experienced drift dives - the boat follow your bubbles and the capitan of the boat is there when you come back to the surface. Now we cannot wait to go back !"

Mark Verasano

"My kids took the Scuba Diver Certification with Escapedive and they were so excited that they convinced my 14 year old nephew to join the class. They all cannot stop talking about it."

Stockton Dona




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